We had the privilege of being appointed by the Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) in Bahrain to design the country's first electric vehicle charge point, situated at the Atrium Mall in Janabiyah. Our task was to create a panel design that truly captured the essence of electricity. To accomplish this, we decided to showcase vibrant green visuals, complemented by an electric yellow hue, symbolizing clean energy and the electric future.


By strategically selecting these colors, we aimed to convey a sense of environmental consciousness and the potential of renewable energy sources. The vibrant green represents sustainability and the positive impact of electric vehicles, while the electric yellow signifies the exciting prospects of an electrified future.

Through our design, we sought to inspire and engage viewers, encouraging them to embrace clean energy solutions and the benefits of electric transportation. It was an honor to be part of this initiative, contributing to Bahrain's sustainable development and the integration of electric vehicle infrastructure into everyday life.